Wednesday, April 13, 2011

St. George

Five months may sound like a long time, but I am here to say that it is not! In the last five months I have moved across the state, started school, been reminded of how much I dislike math, made four new wonderful friends, fallen in love with zumba, realized that while I love watching Ballet, I don't really love Ballet class, started a new job and am learning more about myself then ever before. And these are just the things that I can think of off the top of my head! I'm doing some amazing self discovery. While not all of it is positive, I'm slowly learning how to turn the negative things into strengths. Moving across the state might be the best thing I have ever done for myself. There is something about St. George that makes me feel alive. It might be the warm weather and the red rocks. It might be that I'm bettering myself through school. Or it could be that the move signified a fresh new chapter in my life. Whatever the reason, St. George is where I'm supposed to be.
Everything is new to me! In particularly dance. The whole process of creating and understanding dance is unfolding for me in a new and amazing way! I have only been in school for one semester but I'm understanding dance in a whole new light! Its incredible! Dance is an art form best learned outside of one's comfort zone. Being able to push myself and those around me in a way I have never been pushed before is refreshing. I'm relearning everything!
School is good. I find myself enjoying most of my classes. With math being the exception. I really like my English teacher and am learning a lot from her! (with some help from Chelsea I have written a couple of pretty good papers!)
All of my other classes are going pretty well. Math is, and always will be, my enemy. My Dance 1010 teacher has a very thick Asian accent and it gets kind of hard to understand her. My ballet class is good, but I think I will leave Ballet to the pros. My Modern class is awesome and I have a great teacher!
I have started a totally new job! For the last 3 and 1/2 years I tellered at Cache Valley Bank and when I moved to St. George I tried to get a job in banking, but to no avail. I was, however, offered a job at The Brick Oven. I have worked there now for just over one week and its going pretty well. It kind of sucks cause I don't get to keep any of the tips from the tables I wait on because I'm still shadowing other servers. So I'm pretty much working for 2.13 an hour. OUCH. My manager tells me I will soon have my own section of table though and then I will get to keep the money I earn. That will be awesome.
Easter is soon approaching and Mom and Dad will be visiting me down south this year :) While I shall miss the other members of my family, I look forward to not making a four hour drive for the glazed ham. Which by the way, is my favorite meal of the year!
Alright people, this is all for now. I will let you know how the end of the semester goes!

Friday, November 26, 2010


Its official. I'm moving! Its been in the works now for almost 4 months. But I did it! I'm moving to St. George and will be attending Dixie State Collage! It has been a very tough decision. I've lived in Logan for three and a half years now. I have many dear friends and memories here. But its just time for me to move on. I'm not in love with Logan the way I used to be. And I had to be honest with myself. I'm just not as happy here as I want to be. I have a pretty good idea as to why that is. but I'm just not ready to admit it yet. But I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to go to a new place with new people and new experiences!! A place where people don't know anything about me. A new start! Yes, that is what Celeste needs. The closer I get to moving the better I feel about everything. But in the interest of keep this short and not repeating myself eight million times, I'm simply going to make two lists.

Things I'm ready to say "So long!" to
  1. Negative number weather
  2. My job. My boring, dead end job
  3. All the boys in Logan. No offence to you nice young men. But there are two really awesome things. Dating and Commitment. Learn how to do them both!!!
  4. Hicks
  5. The age 22. Not really been the best year of my life. I'm ready to welcome 23 to the stage
  6. People being all put off cause I'm not in school
  7. Rude old people who are customers where I work
  8. Bad radio stations. I promise that country and hip hop are not the only good kinds of music out there people.
  9. The smallest mall I have ever seen. Christmas shopping is near impossible here in Logan.
  10. knowing what to expect out of the day when I wake up in the mornings. bring on the unexpected!!

Things that I'm not ready to leave

  1. Valley Dance Ensemble. This has been my favorite dance experience of my life (so far)The women which I have had the honor of dancing with for the last four years have impacted my life in many many ways.
  2. My friends.
  3. Summer and Fall in Logan
  4. My very own, Shared with no one, apartment. *sigh* roommates here I come. Please be good to me.
  5. Cafe Ibis, Cafe Sabor and Takara Sushi
  6. My neighbors
  7. Most of my co-workers
  8. The snow. while I am ready to say goodbye to the super cold weather. I still love the snow.
  9. Being able to just drive home last minute if I want to
  10. And of course, my family. I've always been close to my family and its going to be odd to be so far away from them.

So, there you have it. My last day of work will be December 17th. Then I move into my new place in St. George on January 7th. Its all happening so fast and I wish it was happening faster!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer update

With every intention of writing a blog every month filled with pictures and all sorts of information I started this blog.As you can see I have not reached said goal. Summer has been kinda busy here for Celeste. Which is a good thing for me and a boring thing for you...until now! Woo Hoo!
Well summer started out terribly wet. Which would have been fine with the exception of it being freezing!! My landlord had turned my heat off in my apartment much too early in the year and I was quite cold every time I was home. But I lived through the cold and was thrown into the sweltering heat of Logan summertime. My apartment has no air conditioning. Lower cost, sweatier Celeste. Lucky for me I have a window that opens and a fan that works! Okay, okay. I know you don't read my blog for a weather update in Logan Utah, so I will get down to the good stuff.
I'm glad to say that I attempted to do something cool for the fourth of July, and I succeeded. That is to say I had fun. I invited a few people over for a BBQ at my place. I ventured out and bought my own charcoal grill! Only twenty bucks at Walmart (whom I'm not a big supporter of, but I needed a grill) We had some good hamburgers and even the wonderful Kyleigh Adamson drove up to Logan to see me!

The 24th of July brings one of the countries biggest car shows to Logan. The Cruise In. I had never seen the Cruise In and Michelle and I decided it was time I did. So we sat out in my front yard with my neighbors and a couple hundred people I didn't know and watched the cars go by. And there were some pretty sweet cars.

This summer also brought a visit to the Manti Temple to see the Manti Pageant. Along with my parents I brought Hilary Hall with me. The pageant was of course very good. Before the actual pageant started Hilary and I checked out our suroundings. Pretty normal stuff. Food booths and merch booths. AND some people selling chocolate dipped strawberries...on a skewer!!

best invention EVER.

But I think the best part was the the older lady in an electric wheelchair holding a big ol poster protesting our president.....

And yes, that does read "Impeach our gangster government". Shouldn't it be "gansta"? Just sayin.

Okay my friends, its time to pull out the big guns. My trip to Disneyland. Thats right, Michelle and I spent three days hopping from Disneyland to California Adventure. We flew out to Cali and caught a shuttle to our hotel and ate and a great little Italian place called "Maurice's"... I think. And I think its safe to say, it might have been the best pizza I have ever put into my mouth. It was so good! And the next morning we headed out to the happiest place on earth. And needless to say, we were pretty blasted happy to be there. Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Tea Cups, Indiana Jones! Then we hopped over to Cailfornia Adventure. Tower of Terror, Soarin' over California, Tower of Terror, California Screamin', The Swings, Tower of Terror, Tower of Terror. (are you catching on to which ride was our favorite?) Back over to Disneyland. Space Mountain and Indiana Jones! I could go on and on! We also got to see at show at the Golden Horseshoe Review, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. They never fail to make me laugh. California Adventure is featuring a new water show called "World of Color" and it was freaking amazing!! They even used fire! If you get a chance, go see "World of Color"!! Totally worth your time!! Okay, here are a few pictures for Cali!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy, with a capital B!

new post coming soon!! and its gonna be a BIG one!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Its Raining

Its raining... again. I thought the saying was April showers bring May flowers. Yet here we are on the 24th of May and its raining. Shouldn't it start feeling like summer now? I guess I should just be glad that its not snowing. Which I am glad for that.

In the last few weeks: dance parties, moving, saying temporary goodbyes, Mother's day,more rock climbing, as always music, Family Time Capsule, old school Nintendo and some good movies.

May 8th marked the end of the semester here in Logan Utah. And to celebrate we threw a dance party. Pretty much awesome. Seth knows how to DJ a party for sure. Last time we had a dance party we got busted by the cops for the noise ordinance. The best part was the cops looking in the window trying to see the (non existent) alcohol and drugs. Ha ha. We were just a bunch of Mormon kids listening to loud music. It was pretty great. But alas. No cops this time!
Was a great party! Matt and Bryce made many many smoothies throughout the night and at the end of the party Matt informed us that we had consumed a pound and a half of sugar as a whole! A little excessive if you ask me.

I'm all settled into my new apartment. its pretty awesome! Living alone is pretty much the best! I thought that maybe for a little while I would be nervous to be totally alone at night but its not been bad at all! The only thing that sucks right now is my landlord decided that early May would be a good time to turn the heat off. Which maybe would have been fine if it hadn't been raining every night for the last week! My apartment has been freezing for a week now! Not very fun in the mornings. Oh well, hopefully it will all be over soon! Bring on the hot weather!!

The only thing I hate about summer is that for the last three years the starting of summer has also been the starting of goodbyes. Every year I make all these wonderful friends and then when summer gets here they think its okay to leave Logan. Thankfully this year the goodbye is only temporary. Matt, Bryce and Seth are going to Canada for a week and then Matt and Bryce are taking off for Europe for a good month and a half. And then in July Seth is leaving for Alabama for a month for ROTC training. I will be going to St. George here in a few weeks, but only for a a few days. Should be good. Hopefully lots of sun and pool time.

Mother's day was pretty good. Rather mellow this year seeing as Mandy is in Alaska right now. (miss you Mandy) But as always it was good to see the family! Mom got the measuring cups that she asked for and some good bath salts and of course flowers! All of which she greatly deserved! Thanks for being an awesome Mom, Mom!!

The more often I go the more I love Rock Climbing! It has become a regular thing for me now and I expect to go at the very least twice a week. I feel like I'm getting better, which is a great feeling.
Operation "Celeste buying lots of music" has come to a slow. Music is expensive. Though it will still continue, just at a slower pace.

My family and I recently put together a time capsule. Not to be open until 2020. This project was more fun than I had anticipated! Which shouldn't have surprised me! My family is one of the fun families of the world!
We each filled out a questionair that Mom made for us and we went around and each shared our answers and then after that we all contributed items we thought we would want to remember or see in ten years! Lots of pictures went in and small keepsakes! I look forward to April 2020!

Played super old school Nintendo with Hilary and Michelle last night. It was pretty much the highlight of my weekend! We had a lot of fun! After we watched Mulan and of course sang along to the songs ha ha. All in all a very good Sunday.

The last couple movies I have seen in the theaters are "Iron man 2" and "How to Train your Dragon". I enjoyed both, though I think the first Iron man had a stronger storyline. But it was still worth my time. Robert Downy Jr. is very attractive. Just wanted to throw that in there.
"How to Train your Dragon" was very cute and fun, I would love to go see it again!

Well there you have it! Until my next need to blog!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I can breath again. The last few weeks have been crazy! Go go go all the time! I have a love/hate relationship with that.
Valley Dance Ensemble's performance went very well. Lots of positive feed back! Thank you to all who came to support your local performing company! This years show was called "moveable parts". Brilliant if you ask me. Ten points to Suzann who came up with the name. We had children's classes as well as adult classes who showed different pieces of work. And of course the actually VDE company. Which consists of Suzann Brown, Ember McDaniel, Tessa Evans, Lori Caily and me, Celeste Nelson.
There was an after party of sorts, which included some killer good food and lots of good people with lots of good things to say.

Getting ready to move, again. This time to my very own studio apartment. The landlord is letting me fix the place up. Painting the walls and stuff like that. I've put a very pretty blue (Neptune blue) on the main wall. looks great! Getting excited to have my own place to take care of. I even have my own porch! woo hoo!

Work is finally starting to pick up. Which is good cause I hate it when everything is done and I'm caught up on everything and there is still five hours left of work. The only good part of that is that I can read my books. Currently in the middle, well actually the last few chapters of "to kill a mocking bird" love it so far. Excited to finish it! Next book on my list? "The Book Thief". Been wanting to read it for some time now and I keep hearing about it from my sisters and how great it is. So thus, I shall read it.

Super excited for this summer! I hope to have a lot going. Starting with a camping trip later this month and then a trip to St George! And nothing is planned for the rest of the summer but that's good! lots of free time for last minute trips and such! I hope this year is a hot one! I'm extremely sick of this cold weather. Its just not good for my well being. Talk about the winter blues. sheesh.
I'm also planning on going to A LOT of concerts this summer. Hopefully starting with Paramore, Relient K and Fun. Then with any luck 3oh!3. And after that Imogen Heap and lots of others!

I'm working on building up my music collection. It was impressive before, but I'm sad to say that most of my collection was burnt Cd's. Which made me a hypocrite. I personally feel that if you enjoy a certain band or musical artist. you should support them. BUY their music. don't steal it from them. Thus begins our journey into Celeste's totally paid for music collection. Its already well on its way. Though I'm not even half way through yet. Buying Cd's is expensive. But in my mind, worth it. Totally worth it. So if anyone is looking to get me a gift, music is the way to go with me!
I also feel this way about books. As much as I love the library, I like having my own personal library. I find it hard to give back a book after I have read it and loved it. I feel that it deserves to be put on my shelf in hopes of being read by me and my family for many years to come. After all, I did love it.
I have a hard time with the idea of the new "kindle". Which is like a big ipod for books. You can read the book right off the screen and the device holds a crazy amount of books. But where is the joy is turning the pages? Maybe I'm just crazy, But holding a book is a wonderful feeling.

Well! Until next time!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Valley Dance Ensemble 2010

Yes this is the Semi-Professional dance company I dance with. We are hot.