Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer update

With every intention of writing a blog every month filled with pictures and all sorts of information I started this blog.As you can see I have not reached said goal. Summer has been kinda busy here for Celeste. Which is a good thing for me and a boring thing for you...until now! Woo Hoo!
Well summer started out terribly wet. Which would have been fine with the exception of it being freezing!! My landlord had turned my heat off in my apartment much too early in the year and I was quite cold every time I was home. But I lived through the cold and was thrown into the sweltering heat of Logan summertime. My apartment has no air conditioning. Lower cost, sweatier Celeste. Lucky for me I have a window that opens and a fan that works! Okay, okay. I know you don't read my blog for a weather update in Logan Utah, so I will get down to the good stuff.
I'm glad to say that I attempted to do something cool for the fourth of July, and I succeeded. That is to say I had fun. I invited a few people over for a BBQ at my place. I ventured out and bought my own charcoal grill! Only twenty bucks at Walmart (whom I'm not a big supporter of, but I needed a grill) We had some good hamburgers and even the wonderful Kyleigh Adamson drove up to Logan to see me!

The 24th of July brings one of the countries biggest car shows to Logan. The Cruise In. I had never seen the Cruise In and Michelle and I decided it was time I did. So we sat out in my front yard with my neighbors and a couple hundred people I didn't know and watched the cars go by. And there were some pretty sweet cars.

This summer also brought a visit to the Manti Temple to see the Manti Pageant. Along with my parents I brought Hilary Hall with me. The pageant was of course very good. Before the actual pageant started Hilary and I checked out our suroundings. Pretty normal stuff. Food booths and merch booths. AND some people selling chocolate dipped strawberries...on a skewer!!

best invention EVER.

But I think the best part was the the older lady in an electric wheelchair holding a big ol poster protesting our president.....

And yes, that does read "Impeach our gangster government". Shouldn't it be "gansta"? Just sayin.

Okay my friends, its time to pull out the big guns. My trip to Disneyland. Thats right, Michelle and I spent three days hopping from Disneyland to California Adventure. We flew out to Cali and caught a shuttle to our hotel and ate and a great little Italian place called "Maurice's"... I think. And I think its safe to say, it might have been the best pizza I have ever put into my mouth. It was so good! And the next morning we headed out to the happiest place on earth. And needless to say, we were pretty blasted happy to be there. Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Tea Cups, Indiana Jones! Then we hopped over to Cailfornia Adventure. Tower of Terror, Soarin' over California, Tower of Terror, California Screamin', The Swings, Tower of Terror, Tower of Terror. (are you catching on to which ride was our favorite?) Back over to Disneyland. Space Mountain and Indiana Jones! I could go on and on! We also got to see at show at the Golden Horseshoe Review, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. They never fail to make me laugh. California Adventure is featuring a new water show called "World of Color" and it was freaking amazing!! They even used fire! If you get a chance, go see "World of Color"!! Totally worth your time!! Okay, here are a few pictures for Cali!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Busy, with a capital B!

new post coming soon!! and its gonna be a BIG one!!!