Monday, May 24, 2010

Its Raining

Its raining... again. I thought the saying was April showers bring May flowers. Yet here we are on the 24th of May and its raining. Shouldn't it start feeling like summer now? I guess I should just be glad that its not snowing. Which I am glad for that.

In the last few weeks: dance parties, moving, saying temporary goodbyes, Mother's day,more rock climbing, as always music, Family Time Capsule, old school Nintendo and some good movies.

May 8th marked the end of the semester here in Logan Utah. And to celebrate we threw a dance party. Pretty much awesome. Seth knows how to DJ a party for sure. Last time we had a dance party we got busted by the cops for the noise ordinance. The best part was the cops looking in the window trying to see the (non existent) alcohol and drugs. Ha ha. We were just a bunch of Mormon kids listening to loud music. It was pretty great. But alas. No cops this time!
Was a great party! Matt and Bryce made many many smoothies throughout the night and at the end of the party Matt informed us that we had consumed a pound and a half of sugar as a whole! A little excessive if you ask me.

I'm all settled into my new apartment. its pretty awesome! Living alone is pretty much the best! I thought that maybe for a little while I would be nervous to be totally alone at night but its not been bad at all! The only thing that sucks right now is my landlord decided that early May would be a good time to turn the heat off. Which maybe would have been fine if it hadn't been raining every night for the last week! My apartment has been freezing for a week now! Not very fun in the mornings. Oh well, hopefully it will all be over soon! Bring on the hot weather!!

The only thing I hate about summer is that for the last three years the starting of summer has also been the starting of goodbyes. Every year I make all these wonderful friends and then when summer gets here they think its okay to leave Logan. Thankfully this year the goodbye is only temporary. Matt, Bryce and Seth are going to Canada for a week and then Matt and Bryce are taking off for Europe for a good month and a half. And then in July Seth is leaving for Alabama for a month for ROTC training. I will be going to St. George here in a few weeks, but only for a a few days. Should be good. Hopefully lots of sun and pool time.

Mother's day was pretty good. Rather mellow this year seeing as Mandy is in Alaska right now. (miss you Mandy) But as always it was good to see the family! Mom got the measuring cups that she asked for and some good bath salts and of course flowers! All of which she greatly deserved! Thanks for being an awesome Mom, Mom!!

The more often I go the more I love Rock Climbing! It has become a regular thing for me now and I expect to go at the very least twice a week. I feel like I'm getting better, which is a great feeling.
Operation "Celeste buying lots of music" has come to a slow. Music is expensive. Though it will still continue, just at a slower pace.

My family and I recently put together a time capsule. Not to be open until 2020. This project was more fun than I had anticipated! Which shouldn't have surprised me! My family is one of the fun families of the world!
We each filled out a questionair that Mom made for us and we went around and each shared our answers and then after that we all contributed items we thought we would want to remember or see in ten years! Lots of pictures went in and small keepsakes! I look forward to April 2020!

Played super old school Nintendo with Hilary and Michelle last night. It was pretty much the highlight of my weekend! We had a lot of fun! After we watched Mulan and of course sang along to the songs ha ha. All in all a very good Sunday.

The last couple movies I have seen in the theaters are "Iron man 2" and "How to Train your Dragon". I enjoyed both, though I think the first Iron man had a stronger storyline. But it was still worth my time. Robert Downy Jr. is very attractive. Just wanted to throw that in there.
"How to Train your Dragon" was very cute and fun, I would love to go see it again!

Well there you have it! Until my next need to blog!

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