Monday, May 3, 2010


I can breath again. The last few weeks have been crazy! Go go go all the time! I have a love/hate relationship with that.
Valley Dance Ensemble's performance went very well. Lots of positive feed back! Thank you to all who came to support your local performing company! This years show was called "moveable parts". Brilliant if you ask me. Ten points to Suzann who came up with the name. We had children's classes as well as adult classes who showed different pieces of work. And of course the actually VDE company. Which consists of Suzann Brown, Ember McDaniel, Tessa Evans, Lori Caily and me, Celeste Nelson.
There was an after party of sorts, which included some killer good food and lots of good people with lots of good things to say.

Getting ready to move, again. This time to my very own studio apartment. The landlord is letting me fix the place up. Painting the walls and stuff like that. I've put a very pretty blue (Neptune blue) on the main wall. looks great! Getting excited to have my own place to take care of. I even have my own porch! woo hoo!

Work is finally starting to pick up. Which is good cause I hate it when everything is done and I'm caught up on everything and there is still five hours left of work. The only good part of that is that I can read my books. Currently in the middle, well actually the last few chapters of "to kill a mocking bird" love it so far. Excited to finish it! Next book on my list? "The Book Thief". Been wanting to read it for some time now and I keep hearing about it from my sisters and how great it is. So thus, I shall read it.

Super excited for this summer! I hope to have a lot going. Starting with a camping trip later this month and then a trip to St George! And nothing is planned for the rest of the summer but that's good! lots of free time for last minute trips and such! I hope this year is a hot one! I'm extremely sick of this cold weather. Its just not good for my well being. Talk about the winter blues. sheesh.
I'm also planning on going to A LOT of concerts this summer. Hopefully starting with Paramore, Relient K and Fun. Then with any luck 3oh!3. And after that Imogen Heap and lots of others!

I'm working on building up my music collection. It was impressive before, but I'm sad to say that most of my collection was burnt Cd's. Which made me a hypocrite. I personally feel that if you enjoy a certain band or musical artist. you should support them. BUY their music. don't steal it from them. Thus begins our journey into Celeste's totally paid for music collection. Its already well on its way. Though I'm not even half way through yet. Buying Cd's is expensive. But in my mind, worth it. Totally worth it. So if anyone is looking to get me a gift, music is the way to go with me!
I also feel this way about books. As much as I love the library, I like having my own personal library. I find it hard to give back a book after I have read it and loved it. I feel that it deserves to be put on my shelf in hopes of being read by me and my family for many years to come. After all, I did love it.
I have a hard time with the idea of the new "kindle". Which is like a big ipod for books. You can read the book right off the screen and the device holds a crazy amount of books. But where is the joy is turning the pages? Maybe I'm just crazy, But holding a book is a wonderful feeling.

Well! Until next time!

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  1. I have the same thoughts about the whole electronic book thing. I like the pages...and looking like I am reading a book...not updating my facebook.